What to do of all your friends are getting married and You’re Not

Many people around the world worrying about their career, relationship, financial status, health and other things associated with their life.

If you are a single friend and feeling unhappy as you are only single in your cherished circle, then you have to learn many things being a single while all your friends got married. Though some of your friends are not yet married, they are engaged or have any serious relationship with anyone. I get ever-increasing chances to learn different things when all my friends are getting married and I’m single till now.

have stayed single on purpose

Improve your life and thoughts further

Wedding sounds awful to orchestrate and gives different feels to everyone. Men and women who are singles nowadays are thankful for each of the invites they have received from their friends and relatives for the wedding. You may do not have a strong desire to get married in recent times.

On the other hand, your friends are getting married and asking about your marriage. You have to be conscious about your life single-by-choice and enjoy your life yourself. You may get an idea to date with anyone and not to develop any relationship with him or her.

Almost every single person in his or her 30s in recent times gets ever-increasing difficulties. This is because all their friends are married and asking about the relationship issues. There is no need for crying into your chardonnay every night and thinking about what is wrong with you. You have to be too busy and overcome any problem associated with your single status.

Individuals who are singles have had lots of time for self-refraction. They have stayed single on purpose. They know what they like and dislike in the relationship and other things associated with their life. They engage in the social networking platforms and keep in touch with their cherished circle whenever they get free time and feel staying alone.

Explore and use all facilities

I have a lot of expectations about my personal and career life. I think about how to improve my life when all my friends are married and encouraging me to get married soon. I ensure that lives of my friends are actually not a bar against which to measure my life and other things in particular marriage. I do not have a house, a car, a partner to have sex or even a pet animal.  However, most of my friends have all such things as basics for their lifestyle. I have many friends and different expectations about how to spend my days and nights. I share my experiences in the personal and career with my dear friends

I feel happy when everyone is getting married and think about how to improve my life in every possible way. I’m a bit lonely and I search for how to overcome my loneliness. My life is full of people I love and rich in favorable things in different aspects. Sometimes I wish someone to have and hold. This is mainly because my friends have found the correct partner for them. And found their match before I did.